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Types of Bicycles

Road Bike

Road bikes are one of the oldest types of bicycles, yet they have remained mostly unchanged over time, despite the use of cutting-edge technology. Frames are frequently made of lightweight aluminium or carbon, with an aggressive shape that places the driver’s knees almost horizontally over the pedals.They are characterised by their superb tyres and drop handlebars, which enable the rider to maintain an aerodynamic stance during high-speed races.

Mountain Bike

Mountain biking has undergone popularity over the last decade and is perhaps the most popular kind of cycling in current days. You now have a wide range of styles for mountain riding, everyone with its own distinctive bike design.Inclusion of suspension is the most prominent differential between mountain biks and other bikes. Typically, the MTBs are provided with a hardtail fork or both front and rear suspension, more commonly referred to as mountain full suspension bikes.

Fat Tire Bike

Fat tyre bicycles have grown in popularity over the last decade, particularly in beach towns and winter destinations. Fatty mountain bikes, as the name implies, are larger than standard pneumatic mountain bikes and are capable of traversing soft terrain such as snow and sand. During the 1980s, when mountain bikes were popular, some daring drivers modified single-speed ballon pull cruisers to into the wilderness, resulting in the first fat motorcycles.

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Cycling for health and fitness

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  • A good muscle-building workout As you pedal, you use all of your major muscle groups.
  • Cycling, unlike several other sports, does not necessitate unquestionable levels of genuine expertise. The vast majority of people know how to ride a bicycle, and once they learn, they remember it.
  • Strength and endurance are aided by this supplement. Cycling improves endurance, strength, and overall high-impact health.
  • If recovering from an injury or disease, it’s best done at low power at first, but it can be progressed to a more demanding physical exercise.
  • A fun way to get in shape–the thrill of gliding down hills and being outside means you’ll be more likely to cycle on a regular basis, as opposed to other proactive activities that confine you indoors or require special events or locations.


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